For Sale by Owner

So, you’re thinking of selling your home by yourself? It’s more involved than you’d imagine.

I’ve found that when people in your position truly appreciate the size and scope of the job, they’re often willing to reconsider the possibility of turning to a real estate professional like me who has experience and expertise in all the different facets of a home sale.

It’s my hope, after reviewing this page, that you’ll allow me to present a no-obligation, customized plan that explains exactly how you could benefit by allowing me to market your home. Whether or not you do, I encourage you to call me if you need assistance.

Are you really prepared to sell on your own?
If you answer “no” to any of these key questions, you may be at a serious disadvantage.

  • Do you know what similar homes in your neighborhood have actually sold for in the past six months? (It’s easy to learn asking-prices, but those aren’t reliable indicators.)
  • Do you understand local price trends and know how to take them into account?
  • Can you determine who is a serious homebuyer with the financial means to purchase your home? This may involve financially qualifying Veterans Administration (VA) or Federal Housing Administration (FHA) purchasers, for example.
  • Are you aware of the Federal and State laws and disclosures that you must follow as a “For Sale By Owner?”
  • Do you know what to do if your home does not appraise for the price a buyer has contracted for?

Watch this short video about Weichert’s unique Internet Strategy.

Can owners compete with homes represented by real estate agents?
Here are some potential drawbacks you need to consider if you haven’t already.

Owners don’t have robust websites
When looking for a new home, 95% of buyers search on real estate websites. A real estate agent can provide access to powerful internet exposure not available to you otherwise, including placement on their company website and on popular sites like

You’re simply not going to reach as many potential buyers
A real estate agent can add your home to their local MLS. What’s more, a full 82% of all real estate transactions are the result of agent outreach through previous clients, referrals, friends, or other clients.

Owners tend to advertise less
This expense, normally covered by the real estate agent can really add up, especially if your home doesn’t sell in the first month or two.

Owners tend to price homes incorrectly, causing them to sit on the market
Overpricing a home to start can result in larger price reductions and eventually a sale price below market value. Real estate agents work to price properties to sell at fair market value.

You’ll be under pressure to accept less
Direct buyers expect and intend to pay less because they know you’re not paying a commission.

If you call to follow up with a potential buyer, they’ll think you’re anxious to sell
A real estate agent is able to follow up and elicit a serious offer without giving up leverage.

You can’t expect buyers to share their financial situation with you
if you accept an offer from buyers who are not financially qualified, you could spend months in litigation just trying to put your property back on the market. To be sure all your potential buyers are financially qualified takes an expert. Weichert Financial Services, for example, can make this determination at no cost to you.

An owner can’t expect a direct buyer to speak frankly with the person they’ll need to negotiate with
A real estate agent can assess buyers’ likes and dislikes and determine their true level of interest.

You have too much at stake to be objective in a negotiation with a buyer
A real estate agent is trained to be objective and move the parties toward a win-win conclusion.

Why work with a professional Real Estate Agent? As a Weichert Sales Associate, I will:

  • Use my experience to present your home professionally
  • Provide a thorough market analysis to help price your home
  • Team with Weichert Financial Services to qualify potential buyers financially before showing your home
  • Create a customized plan to market your home
  • Place your listing on numerous popular websites including, Trulia, Zillow, and
  • Save you time by holding open houses for you
  • Enlist the assistance of all Sales Associates to sell your home
  • Expose your home to buyers relocating into the area through our affiliated relocation company
  • Call past customers who may be interested in your home
  • Pay for advertising, marketing, and open houses
  • Protect your family’s safety by meeting buyers who are strangers to you before allowing them into your home
  • Ensure all critical paperwork is handled properly
  • Use my skill as a trained negotiator to overcome objections and bring parties to an agreement

Working with me can help you net more!

It’s true. You can actually come away with more cash from your sale by allowing me to help. That’s because the difference in the sale price when a real estate agent is involved is often more than enough to create a net gain and that’s according to the National Association of Realtors!

Please don’t hesitate to give me a call or fill out the contact form below. With no obligation to you, I’ll customize a Marketing Plan which details the way our Weichert office and I can help you maximize the value of your home. I would be glad to answer any questions and, when you’re ready, help you find your next home.